Death Is My Curse

Inspiration comes in many forms as does art. When these two forces collide, you get passion and creativity and that can create some major sparks! You are about to embark on a journey inside the mind of a madman.

Influenced by The Cursed Man novel, Kristine Rommel felt a connection to the story that had her exploring her darker side, and it lead to the writing of lyrics that fully displayed a powerful message that captures the essence of the novel perfectly. Realizing the lyrics called for some dramatic, inspiring music she called on her friend Mike Trapp. Also known as The Alien, Mike pieced together a hard rock tune fused with breathtaking choruses that is packed full of powerful guitar riffs that are both heavy and catchy.

The music is top notch, and at times breathtaking with how well it blends with Kristine Rommel's vocals. With music and vocals done the two realized they needed one more artist to complete the song. John Jones a.k.a. RAK 47 was called upon to show his skills with sequences of rap that are multilayered and seem to penetrate the psyche of Alister, the madman who believes death is in love with him in The Cursed Man. He adds an impressive style that is both unique and loaded with talent, crossing genres seamlessly.

You'll find yourself singing along with the catchy vocals and strumming along to the rhythms long after the song is over. But don't keep it to yourself. Share the video with your friends and support these very talented artists and allow the madman to tell his story...